Составить 10 предложений с днями недели 3 класс

помогите составить 10 предложений с днями недели 3 класс

  • On Monday I go on classes in drawing. On Tuesday I go for a walk and park with friends.On Wednesday I go on dances.On Thursday at first I do homework, and then on a kontser of my favorite band.On Friday after school I go to friends. On Saturday I play on the computer but after that I do homework to have a rest on Sunday.
    On Sunday I go with mother on shops and I buy to myself things. And so I most of all love days off because it is possible to have a sleep and not to rise at 7:00
  • I am going to the church on Sunday.
    I don't have to study on Saturday.
    My favorite day of the week is Friday.
    I have some English courses on Thursday.
    Wednesday is the forth (if you include Sunday) day of the week.
    Thursday goes after Monday.
    Monday is the most difficult day for me.

    Никогда не говори in Monday/Tuesday etc. Только on!