Напишите письмо по этой схеме

Напишите пожалуйста письмо по этой схеме

    I'm in Pskov now staying out at my Granny's. It's cool to be here! Great nature, green forets... I may pick up mushrooms and berries and go to the riverside everyday! By the way, yesterday I gathered two big baskets of mushrooms!

                                                                                                       Lenina, 6

  • элементарного сделать не могут!!!

  • How are you? I hope you have recovered completely after the flue and now we will be able to visit the museum in my city as we wanted.

    Unfortunately I have to leave Pskov in a few days as my school summer exams begin on the following week. I'll have to pre[are for them thoroughly so that to pass them all with fine marks.








    Lots of love

  •                                                                                                   Vova Ivanov

    Hello, dear Vova!












    So, that's all for now.