Доклад на тему ниагарский водопад на английском переводом

Доклад на тему ниагарский водопад на английском  переводом

  • Niagara Falls (born Niagara Falls) - a complex of waterfalls on the Niagara River , which separates the U.S. state of New York from the Canadian province of Ontario. Niagara Falls - is a waterfall " Horseshoe " (English Horseshoe Falls), sometimes called the Canadian Falls (born Canadian Falls), American Falls (English American Falls) and the waterfall " Veil " (born Bridal Veil Falls). Although the elevation and not too large , the waterfalls are very wide , and the volume of water passing through it Niagara Falls - the most powerful in North America.The height of the waterfalls is 53 meters. Foot of American Falls obscures a heap of stones , making it visible height - only 21 meters . The width of the American Falls - 323 meters , the waterfall " Horseshoe " - 792 meters. The volume of falling water reaches more than 5700 m ³ / s [ 1] .The beauty of this wonder of nature attracts many tourists from around the world , contributing to the prosperity of the cities situated on the banks of the Falls - Niagara Falls (born Niagara Falls), New York , USA and Niagara Falls, Ontario , Canada. The most colorful view of the Falls from the Canadian shore opens . A few hundred meters downstream from Niagara Falls through spanned " Rainbow Bridge " (English Rainbow Bridge), is open to the movement of light vehicles and pedestrians between the two countries.Under a waterfall built hydroelectric total capacity to 4.4 gigawatts.