Соствавьте 1-2 диалога с использование этих idioms1 at the head of the table2 to keep your head3 to take something into your head4 to have a good head

Соствавьте 1-2 диалога с использование этих idioms

1 at the head of the table

2 to keep your head

3 to take something into your head

4 to have a good head on your shoulders

5 to lose your head

6 to knock your head against a brick wall

7 to talk your head off

8 to have your head in che clouds

9 to bury your head in the sand

10 to be head over heels in love

11 to turn someone's head


    - Hi, thank you for calling. See you!

    - Oh, sorry... What did the doctor say?

         - Could you help me because I don't know how to do it.

  • The first dialoque.

    Are your head ever heels in love?

    - Hi, Olga! How are you?

         - Because you turned my head. I don't do anything. 

         -  I don't want to help you. Take it into your head! You have to ask someone else.

    - He said that I should stay in bed but I don't want...

    - I don't want to knock my head against a brick wall!  Medicines... Medicines...Medicines...

    - I'm fine. Thanks.

    - Oh, don't by silly! Yesterday you had so high temperature!Take a lot of medicines. I'll call you tomorrow. Get better!

    - I'm glad for you. But it is so difficult not to lose your head, isn't it?

         - Sorry, I'm afraid. I can't.

    - Not very good. I've a terrible headache and I cneeze every minutes...


    - Hello. It's Olga. Can I speak to Nina?

         - Sorry, I have very bad mood. Try to look for somebody who will be able really to help...

         - Do you mind of opening the window?

    - Wait a minute...

         - No, I don't.


         - Of course, I'll try. I can't bury my head in the sand and wait for notning.

  •      - Of course, I have. But why are you so rude and impolite?

    - Oh, yes. He is the best boy I've ever met.

         - Oh, sorry! But what can I do? It's very hot here.

    - You must... I think...

    - Yes, a little. So, I want to know how you are.


    The second dialoque.

         - But why? Why not?