Нужна грамотная помощь. Буду премного благодарна. Дополни предложения в соответствии с содержимым текста. Текст:The Tower of London was begun b

Очень нужна грамотная помощь. Буду премного благодарна. 


Дополни предложения в соответствии с содержимым текста.



The Tower of London was begun by William the Conqueror as a fortress and palace. Later kings made it larger and stronger and kept soldiers, armour, weapons, treasure,and sometimes  important prisoners there. For five hundred years coins of realm were minted at the Tower and official documents stored in some of the castle buildings. There was  ever  a zoo there, which began as the king's private collection of animals.

Nowadays it is busy with thousands of visitors. In fact the Tower  today is like a traditional English village. The ravens are certainly among the the most important residents in Tower, for — so the story goes — if they every leave, the Tower will fall and England with it.

These days there are usually about six ravens hopping and necking around the Tower lawns in the daytime. One of the Yeoman Warders cares for,them. He feeds them on raw meat, biscuits soaked in blood, rabbits' heads, fruit and eggs. He talks them back into their cage every night, and from time to time clips their wings — just to take sure that they never do leave.



1. The Tower was built by ... .

2. The Tower was a ... and a ... .

3. ... of tourists come to the Tower nowadays.

4. The most important residents in the Tower are ... .

5.The Ravens` Master ... their wings from time to time.

6. The text is about ... .

7. For ... years coins of realm were minted at the Tower.

8. There are usually ... ravens in the Tower now.

9. ... looks after the ravens.

10. Every night the birds sleep in their.



    8.  six ravens

    7  five hundred years


    10/ into their cage

  • 1. William the Conqueror; 2. fortress, palace; 3. Thousands; 4. the ravens; 5. clips; 6. The Tower of London; 7. five hundred; 8. about six or eight; 9. One of the Yeoman Warders; 10. cages

  • 6. The Tower of London

    2.  a fortress and palace.

  • 1. William the Conqueror

    4. The ravens

    3.  thousands.

    9. One of the Yeoman Warders