20 предложений на тему: Способы общения. либо Мир вокруг нас

20 предложений на тему: 

1. Способы общения.  либо  2. Мир вокруг нас.

  • The world around me huge. It does not work-around for the whole life. It combines in itself a diversity: the mountains and the ocean, desert and forest thickets, hot tropics and the icy tundra. The world is beautiful, but he was sweet and bitter at the same time. In it there are at the same time gentle breeze and a devastating hurricane, the babbling brook and a terrible tsunami.

    The most amazing thing in the world around us is life. People, animals, birds, fish, small insects and microbes, which we can't even see without a microscope. Where is the life? What is its essence? Where life then disappears? Because nothing in the world does not appear from nowhere and does not disappear in nowhere. This riddle people can not solve, though struggling with it for thousands of years.

    In the world all we need, even evil wolves and poisonous snakes. Wolves - the orderlies of the forests, for example. Every pebble in the world is important.

    Only a man of living beings is smart enough that can reason about the world. Often people are not satisfied with it and rebel against him. Many people believe that the world is unfair, because in him there is sickness, and trouble, and violence. And even in the world of survival of the fittest, and not one who deserves the best and найлюдяніший. Some people even leave the world on their own, because they are disappointed in him.

    I personally our world reminiscent of a long and exciting journey. The chance to live in the world - it is a gift, there is no sense to abandon it. The need to appreciate and try as best you can use.