Нужен краткий рассказ о русской кухне на англиском

помогите нужен краткий рассказ о русской кухне на англиском

  • Popularity Russian cuisine in the world is exceptionally broad. Russian national cookery was extremely long evolution, marked by several major stages, each of which has left its mark to this day.Since ancient times, people tiller tilling rye, wheat, barley, oats, millet. Hence the emergence of the Opel Russian bread (yeast), rye dough. This "uncrowned king" of the rules for the Russian table almost to the beginning of the XX century, when the village of cabbage soup or with another first liquid dish usually eaten from a pound to kilogram of black rye bread.Along with cereal dishes in Russian cuisine very important role played by the abovementioned flour products: dumplings, pancakes, muffins, pies, cakes, pies, Kurniki, loaves, etc. Some of them have become a tradition for the holiday table: Kurniki, loaves - to weddings, pancakes - at Carnival. Part of their serves soups, thereby increasing the caloric content and complementing the chemical composition of the entrees. Many are used as. independent dishes. This - pancakes, muffins, pancakes, dumplings, cakes made ​​with yeast, flaky, unleavened pastry and, cakes, pies, pie, Kurniki, cheesecakes, juicy, donuts, donuts, etc.It is difficult to find a different dish in Russian cuisine, which is so often mentioned in the works of a national epic, like porridge. On a stubborn man said - "with him not get anywhere," and if things take a rapid turnover, the one here in the course of expression - "mess brewed." Distributed by saying that "the porridge - our mother."White bread, wheat, actually spread to Russia at the beginning of this century. Its eaten occasionally and mostly well-off segments of the population in the cities. Currently, our menu impossible as no one and no other bread. Of the two loaves gradually emerged all kinds of other important Russian bakery and bakery products: we know of "Ukrainian", "Borodino", "Moscow", peklevanny, batons, "Palyanitsa" Challah, bread, rolls, loaves, bagels, etc. etc. Food industry has mastered and produces an average of 50 different baked goods.
  • n my opinion, Russian cuisine is one of the most varied and delicious in the world but tastes differ. As far as I know, people from other countries consider Russian people heavy eaters not only because of the amount of food we eat per day, but also due to its fat content. Anyway, if you are not keen on Russian cuisine, it is up to you to choose any other food.