Соченение по теме мой ресторан на англ

срочно нужно соченение по теме мой ресторан на англ.

  • All of the poem is built on the antithesis: a vulgar earthly world is contrasted with the eternal, perfect.
    I sat there ..
    Somewhere sang ....
    Full catering hall, but the hero does not hear its sound, he hears wonderful music."Somewhere sang" - where is it? Not from a different world these sounds?Interestingly, where the hero. It is not the first one in the works of the Bloc has a window seat.
    And slowly passing between the drunken,
    Always, without satellites, a,
    Breathing perfume and mist,
    She sits by the window.
    Why is the window? Maybe it symbolizes the way out the window into the world of love and harmony, and the characters look this way? And they find. And the hero of the poem makes a scandalous, from the perspective of the lay of etiquette, act: sending a lady who came with her partner, a flower:
    I sent you ...
    Gold, like the sky, a,,.
    The Black Rose in a glass of wine gold - a symbol, action hero - a challenge.Black - the color of sorrow and suffering, but rose from it no less beautiful, as well as the Beautiful Lady, the world soul which has appeared on the ground and turned into suffering beauty. And the heroine of the poem is the beauty in themselves, without even knowing about it. Hero puts a rose in a golden wine, not accidentally strange at first vzlyad comparison "golden as the sky." The sky symbolizes eternity, harmony, and the hero wants to rescue the Beautiful Lady of the vulgarity and hopelessness. Understand whether this rush of the heroine? Of course, understands, though trying hard to hide it. Maybe because I do not believe in salvation? But the deliberate harshness, contempt, nesootnosimoe with excitement, she did not interfere with hearing the same music of the eternal world, which hears the hero.
    And now ...
    And the heroine, feeling close to the hero walks away.
    You tore the movement frightened the birds,
    You was like my dream, is easy ...
    Dream Romantic poets were perceived as the perfect outlet to the world, a dream reflects our subconscious is not controlled by reason, lets look into the recesses of the soul. Blok's lyrical hero is often the beauty of dreams. beauty of the soul of the hero lives, so he can see it everywhere, even in a crowded hall of the restaurant. Yes, the heroine goes. But it does not go from the hero, she leaves the restaurant hall, from the world of banality and vanity. It goes through the looking glass, in an ideal world and calls for a hero:
    But from the depths of the room you're throwing me glances
    And, throwing, screaming, "Catch!"
    The hero did what he had to do. His action, he saved Beauty, Beautiful Lady, he returned to the world of eternity, and it does not matter whether the world objectively, or the world - the soul of a hero. And the earth with a squealing, instead of singing seems so pathetic and unnatural, like the lights "on the yellow dawn."