Составь ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ В ОТРИЦАТЕЛЬНОЙ ФОРМЕ.1 We are swimming npw. — We aren`t swimming now2 Mike2s watching TV3 The boy`s running4 The cats are catchin

1) We are swimming npw. - We aren`t swimming now
2) Mike2s watching TV
3) The boy`s running
4) The cats are catching mice
5) Im cooking lunch
6) The girls are dancing
7) The horse`s jumping now
8)Your friends are sitting in the room

  • 2)Mike isn't watching TV.
    3)The boy isn't running.
    4)The cats aren't catching mice.
    5)I'm not cooking lunch.
    6)The girls aren't dancing.
    7) The hors isn't jumping now.
    8)Your friends aren't sitting in the room.
  • Mike isnt watching tv
    The boy isnt running
    The cats arent catching moce
    I am not looking for lunch
    The girls arent dancing
    The horse isnt jumping now
    Your friends arent sitting in the room